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Legend (OpenData/Proposals_Project)

TM20 Cycleway Improvements (0)
P14 Biodegradeable Waste Landfill Site (1)
TM20 Highway Improvements (2)
TM20 Highway Improvements (3)
P3 Hazardous Installations (4)
P13 Inert Landfill Sites (5)
TM6 Bus Priority Network (6)
TM4 New Railway Stations (7)
TM5 Disused Railway Lines (8)
TM7 Park and Ride Sites (9)
TM10 The National and Local Cycle Network (10)
TM14 Public Car Parks (11)
TM21 Rail Freight Accessible Sites (12)
TM21 Rail Freight Accessible Sites (13)
TM24 Helicopter Landing Site (14)
UR7 Mixed Use Areas (15)
UR5 Safeguarded Land (16)
UR11 Action Areas (17)
E1 Employment Sites (18)
E6 Employment Zones (19)
BN/NR3 Bolton Woods Quarry Extension (20)
BN/NR4 and S/NR4 Bolton Woods Quarry Buffer Zone (21)
NR1 Existing Mineral Extraction Sites (22)
NR5 Minerals Area of Search (23)
NR15A Washlands (24)
NE7 Special Protection Areas (25)
NE8 Sites of Special Scientific Interest (26)
NE9 Sites of Ecological or Geological Importance (27)
NE9 Sites of Ecological or Geological Importance (28)
NE9 Sites of Local Conservation Importance (29)
GB1 Green Belt (30)
GB3 Infill Settlement (31)
GB6A Major Developed Sites (32)
OS1 Urban Greenspace (33)
OS2 Recreation Open Space (34)
OS2 Recreation Open Space (35)
OS3 Playing Fields (36)
OS4 New Sites for Recreation Open Space and Playing Fields (37)
OS6 Allotments (38)
OS6 Allotments (39)
OS7 Village Greenspace (40)
CF1 Schools (41)
CF6 Community Priority Areas (42)
CF4 Hospital Sites (43)
CF8 Higher Education Campus (44)
BH7 Conservation Areas (as at time of adoption) (45)
BH14 Heritage Site Bufferzone (46)
BH16 Historic Parks and Gardens (as at time of adoption) (47)
BS/BH15 Historic Battlefield (48)
S/BH14 World Heritage Site (49)
D10 Transport Corridors (50)
D11 Gateway Roads (51)
BN/CR4A Valley Road Retail Area (52)
CL1 City, Town and District Centre Boundary (53)
CR1A District Centre Retail Areas (54)
CR1A Central Shopping Area in City and Town Centres (55)
CR1A Local Centres (56)
CT1 City Centre Redevelopment Sites (57)
CT1, CR1A, CL2 City and Town Centre Defined Expansion Areas (58)
CT5 Primary Shopping Area (59)
K/CR4A Convenience Goods Expansion Area in Silsden (60)
K/CT1, CR1A, CL2 Phase 2 Expansion in Keighley Town centre (61)
H1 Phase 1 Housing Site (62)
H2 Phase 2 Housing Site (63)
BS/CF5 Extension to Scholemoor Cemetery (64)
TM6 Bus Priority Network (65)
Adjoining Local Authority (66)
Urban Renaissance (67)